FREE SHIPPING on US Orders Over $50

FREE SHIPPING on US Orders Over $50


We love the Earth! We make eco friendly clothing and accessories and give back to the Earth on every purchase. Our goal is to spread positive energy and build a thriving community to inspire a greater love for nature.

Tree Tribe core values are NATURE, ADVENTURE, TRAVEL, and COMMUNITY.


Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifestyle brand that plants 10 trees on every sale. We make eco friendly clothing and accessories, and are on a mission to make a positive impact on the world. Check out our Tree Map.

We embrace an open-minded travel culture - Tree Tribe is a US based company but we're spread all over the world... always looking for the next adventure!

We want to build a global Tribe that's able to make significant positive changes for the planet. At our core we plant a lot of trees, but we also strive to strengthen the bond between humans and nature, and also to inspire other businesses to give back to social causes.

+10 Trees

10 trees are planted for every item sold! We partner with organizations that plant these trees to naturally replenish the environment, while at the same time providing food, shelter, and economy to communities around the world.

Our main contribution goes to planting forest gardens - diverse plots of trees and supporting species that help communities self-sustain by producing food, resources, and income, while strengthening the local ecosystem.

Trees are the lungs of the Earth, the key to a healthy planet, and major providers of resources to people and animals. We want to plant millions of trees all over the world, while using and promoting eco friendly materials in all our products.

One World

We're all coexisting on this planet together. If you like the outdoors, the simple beauty of nature, or just want to help the world, join the Tribe and be a part of our growing global community on Instagram and Facebook.

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