115,000+ Trees planted 🌲 FREE US Shipping on orders $50+

115,000+ Trees planted 🌲 FREE US Shipping on orders $50+

Mini Tote Bag - Blue

  • Hand crafted from upcycled parachute hammock material
  • Help our ocean friends by choosing reusable bags
  • 10 Trees planted on every purchase
  • Join the movement to save our planet from single use plastic bags

free shipping FREE US Shipping on orders $50+

  • Reusable Tote / Grocery Bag

    • Hand made with strong material and high quality stitching to last forever
    • Portable - Tucks into a small pouch that fits in your pocket
    • Machine washable
    • Material: Upcycled nylon from parachute hammocks
    • Bag size: 14" x 17.5" (36cm x 44cm)
    • Tucked pouch size: 4" x 2" x 2" (10cm x 5cm x 5cm)
    • 2 billion plastic bags are used worldwide each day, join us in the fight against pollution by going reusable
  • Upcycled Hammock Material

    We partnered with our friends at Flying Squirrel Outfitters to turn their extra hammock material into insanely durable reusable bags.

    We chose to work with FSO for 2 reasons: 1) they make the best hammocks in the world 2) they work to create sustainable social change by empowering women in the local hill tribes they work with - hammocks (and our bags) are meticulously crafted by skilled seamstresses that earn a high living wage working at home, with no set working hours.

    Saving the Planet

    Single use plastic is a major polluter of the Earth and our oceans. According to the EPA, 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) plastic bags are used worldwide each year and less than 5 percent are recycled. WHOA!

    • The average lifespan of a plastic bag is 12 minutes
    • Worldwide we use over 2 billion plastic bags every day
    • 8 million tons of plastic find their way to the ocean every year. Sea creatures and birds are eating plastic and dying from starvation (google "animals eating plastic")
    • If you eat seafood, chances are you're eating some plastic too - it makes it's way up the food chain as the plastic chemicals leach into the organisms that consume it
    • Single use plastic (straws, bags, bottles) are a major destroyer of our planet. They are unnecessary, and they leach chemicals in our bodies and our planet

    Reusable bags are the solution. That's why we created our Mini Totes and Sling Bags - high quality portable bags that are easy to stash in your pocket, car, or purse so you always have a bag ready to use.

    Join the Tribe

    We're all about community and making a positive impact in the world.

    By using reusable bags instead of single use plastic bags, you're joining a movement to help clean up our planet and ensure future generations get to live in a beautiful and healthy planet.


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    We appreciate our planet and want to help save the world! We work with various organizations to plant 10 trees for every item sold. Tree Tribe represents the Earth, the outdoors, and spreading positive vibes, and together with you we're helping make the world a better place - 10 trees at a time!

    Why trees? Because trees are awesome! They produce food and oxygen, revitalize the soil, clean the environment, provide homes for wildlife, and boost the overall health of the planet. On a local level, trees provide food, shelter, and economy to communities around the world. You can see where we plant and who we work with on our Tree Planting Page.

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