Sports Cap for Eco Bottles

  • Quick flip drinking spout
  • Fits Tree Tribe wide mouth Eco Bottles
  • Diameter: 1.7" (4.3cm)

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  • Alternate cap option for our Eco Bottles.

    It might fit other bottles, just measure the mouth size of your bottle - if it's 1.7" (4.3cm), it should fit.

    The drinking spout can be flipped up and down with 1 hand, making this great on the go cap for activities like cycling.

  • Not much else to say about a water bottle lid... hmmm, it's leak proof... it's got a nice handle 😃

    Drop a question below if you want to know anything else about this awesome sports cap.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Pamela Lucca
Great sports cap!

The top that comes with the water bottle is solid but, takes too long to open when I need a quick drink during sports. This sports cap is perfect; easy to drink out of and has a good seal. Plus, no straw to that

So much better

i haven't taken the new top off since receiving it. It seems to be spill proof and makes it so much easier and quicker to get a drink of water. Screwing and unscrewing the original top was a hassle when hiking/riding my bike and noisy in a meeting. This is a great alternative and sturdy quality too from what I can tell.

Kristine Urban
Definitely a must have

I’ll admit, I’m not very good at drinking out of a wide mouth vessel, water ends up all over me, and I’m a mess. Especially in the car. I have to wait for every stop light to take a gulp. But this sports cap makes it easy to take a drink anywhere. Made of durable plastic, no taste, and the straw folds in and out without spills. This thing is saving me, glad I got one for my newest bottle!

Zephan Nix
A whole new appearance from the last Sports Bottle Cap

The First sports bottle cap was tall with many weights. The new cap is crimped and cut straight to the bottles grooves. The extension past the congeal and scrunchy piece at the top is much longer and can withstand more for the bottle. The Mouthpiece is a bit more out of the bag but, the drink mode when it’s up is a great way to make a handle proof and easily grabbable bottle after. Good stop and great finish. Perfect outdoor bottle and bottle for working out.

Great Addition!

I think the sports cap is a great addition to my Tree Tribe water bottle. It makes it much easier to drink from when hiking, not to have to take time or stop to unscrew the lid. However, I was a tad disappointed that when it is turned over, it does leak some from the spout. Other than that, it's more convenient when hiking to have the sports cap.