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Love, love, love

I purchased an envelope clutch about a year ago...It’s holding up very well!! I love how unique it is! Bought one for my vegan daughter...I am sure she will love it as well!

I'm Sure It'll Grow On Me

I am downsizing from a larger wallet. I like the sleek, lightweight feeling of this wallet in my hand. The card slots are a little stiff, but I'm sure that'll change with time. I highly recommend this item.

Bamboo sunglasses black lense

Best pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned. I think they look great and they fit great too. Time will tell if they hold up and are of good quality.

Love it!

I recently got my Tree Tribe bottle, and I've been obsessed since. The general aesthetic of it is so pleasing. From the mountain design, to the wood plate on the cap with the Tree Tribe logo. I decorate my desk at work around it so it stands out.

Not only is it beautiful, but it keeps my water cold all day as well. It's roomy and holds a lot of liquid, and comes with a handy grip on the cap so you can carry it comfortably.

The biggest pro of all is the fact that 10 trees are planted with any item purchased. 💚

I will definitely be recommending this bottle to anyone that's looking for a new one.

If I had to name any cons at all, the only thing I could think of is the metallic sounds when you twist off your cap. Now I don't mind this at all, but I can imagine it could be irritating when you're in a setting where you need to be absolutely quiet.

Loving it!

This is a great, functional bottle, plus stylish, and I look forward to having it for a long time.

Just right!

Perfect size. Love the look and feel and that it's NOT from an animal!

Love it!

It feels great everytime I open my red wallet. Its organized and the color and texture is awesome

For a gift

I haven’t been able to give it to my sister yet because im waiting for christmas, but i know she’ll love it a lot! Especially the environmentally friendly idea behind it! Its a beautiful notebook and i will definitely buy the page inserts for her too!

Naturally sexy and sleek!

This wallet is beautiful. I'm really happy I waited months for the one that felt right to purchase. The price is so right for an eco-wallet of this caliber. Highly recommended!

I like it and I am happy the inside is stainless steel for health reasons. I have pre-cancer and have to have stainless still inside water bottles

Leaf leather journal

I’ve been wanting one for awhile and finally ordered. I couldn’t be more happier with the look and style!


I love my newest pair of sunglasses. Super stoked they are back for sale!

I love my ganja shorts!

They are stretchy and tight in all the right places !

What a great wallet!

I absolutely love this wallet. I don't use leather, and have been mostly uninspired by the vegan wallet offerings. But this one is a winner. What a clever idea, to use teak leaves as leather in this product. And the leaves make each wallet entirely unique. Highly recommended.

Love the wallet

If I didn’t know better I would say it was made from leather

Red, green and brown wallets purchased.

I purchased three wallets for my older grandsons for Christmas, they have not seen them yet, but I am sure they will be thrilled with them. I love all three colours, but the green one is my favourite, cannot believe they are made out of leaves, amazing and well done.

Peace, love tribe SnapBack

Cool hat! Perfect gift for my son. So his vibe! awesome purchase!

great product, easy size to carry in bag!

Solves the problem of having to buy bottled water when traveling for the day. My 24 0z bottle too heavy.

Still going Strong!

I have had my bag for months and it still looks brand new. Perfect length on the crossbody strap.

Very Happy

4th purchase from Tree Tribe and I'm very happy with the quality of their products, speed of delivery and customer support.

Comfy, practical and lady killers

I love my new gear from Tree Tribe, my wife and I are Vegan and conscious of what we purchase. Great heart posture with this company.


I purchased two water bottles and they are very nice. It is also good to help the earth by the planting of trees.

Sport Bottle Top

When these were out of stock, I got some others. While they were less expensive, the spout was one of those pull up types which were hard to use while driving, plus, the seal was not good causing a lot of air to accompany a sip of water. I got notification these were back in stock, so I ordered two and they are far superior. Not only are they easier to open and close, there is an air hole which allows the air to go into the bottle instead of into your mouth. These are great and well worth it! BTW, our bottles are not from Tree Tribe and from another ecology group, and like they said, they fit fine! Thanks!

Wallet seems high quality, and very durable. I have only had it for a short time, but looks like it will stand up to the wear and tear. As noted in another review it is very tight brand new trying to get my cards in and out, but I’m sure it’ll give over time.


Absolutely love it. Love the lid, love the chic look. Love the fact that I love it so much, it's the first one that I actually use all the time BECAUSE it's so damn cute! I doubt I'll ever lose it for the same reason <3