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Quality is medium

Envelope Clutch - Purple
Fernando Díaz
Happy customer!

Excellent customer service, Frances is super attentive and patient. I highly recommend this brand! ☺️


I really love your products and your customer service is above and beyond! I do appreciate all of that. Thank you!!! ❤️

Tough and durable!!

Love this wallet so much. Was gifted this for Christmas a couple years ago and it has withstood the test of time! Stiff at first like everyone says, but ages supply similar to leather. Although it stretches/loosens far less than leather. The inner lining, stitching, pockets, and outer layer have maintained their integrity and form incredibly well after accompanying me in my day to day tasks and seasonal work on the farm!! Incredibly happy to have this product!

This is the second one I’ve gotten for my son.
He loves them


Really great water bottle, it feels durable and has room for plenty of water :)

Perfect T-Shirt

Great graphics, style and fit in comfy cotton.

Great Leggings

Tree Tribe never disappoints! Terrific design and fit as always.

Secure seal

Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for and I'm very happy with my purchase.

My mum’s had her bottle for 5 years and it’s amazingly well made, hence the further purchases. It’s been banged about and dropped, and apart from the gasket, it’s in great condition. We bought a Hydroflask bottle and it dented really easily and lost its temperature retaining properties within a year, but the Tree Tribe bottle is still going strong.

Love it!

Super slim and durable! Absolutely love it!

Vision Quest Leggings
Hunter McGovern
Leggings for all the adventures

I wear these bebes under my drysuit while paddling big whitewater, under my shells when climbing ice, and when the adventure of the day is done, I BUST THEM OUT FOR THE PARTY! Comfy, free moving, badass. 🖤

5 years later, and still love it!

Ok, I know this sounds cheesy, but this waterbottle changed my life. hear me out. Not only does it keep my water cold much longer than it takes me to drink it, its also indestructable. I bought this in 2018, I was still in school at this point, and just starting to get into environmentalism. However, I either broke my bottles, or lost them (kind of anoying considering I care about the environment right?). So I get this waterbottle in the mail, and am so exited about it. I DONT loose it for 6 MONTHS which is basically a record at this point, and Im being super careful not to break it. 6 months in, and I loose this water bottle TWO STORYES DOWN! Imagine my horror, my precious waterbottle, plummeting to its death, and possibly taking someone down with it :( Magically it DOES NOT hit anyone, but hits the CONCRETE FLOOR and bounces on it a few times before it`s finally silenced. I am absolutely sure it didnt make it, I was expecting my support waterbottle to be dead, split open, all dented or something worse.
I walk down slowly, pick up the bottle, and examine it. What do I see? THERE`S ONLY A TINY DENT AT THE CORNER AT THE BOTTOM?! THATS IT?!
After this, I stopped being so carefull. And in some miraculous way, I have only gotten one more small dent in it, and I still have not lost it. It`s a miracle really.

10/10 would recommend.
Im adding a few pictures from the past 5 years, hope theres many more to come! <3

Bamboo Logo Tee
Thomas Renner

I think it is an awesome t-shirt and I think it is really awesome that with each purchase a tree is planted. Keep up the great work and I really hope Tree Tribe makes it . :)

Durable and keeps my water cold all day at work. Love it.

Earth Hoodie
Kevin Barron

Super Comfy

Love it

I love this wallet even though I got it at goodwill for 4 dollars

Sports Cap for Eco Bottles
Little Miss Sunshine
Love the convenience!

I like the option of having this too. It makes drinking water more convenient. I’m happy it has a handle as well.

Black 1 Liter Water Bottle (34 oz)
Little Miss Sunshine
So impressed.

Great quality bottle, stays hot and cold for days, and is super durable. I love the size and handle.

Slim wallet

These slim wallets are great. They hold 6 cards, more if you want and it is so much smaller than a traditional wallet. They are made from real leaves and you are support a great company. Very happy with my purchase. Brought natural, brown and green; all unique and well made.

Best Bottle Around

This is the only bottle we buy! It is sturdy, healthy, versatile, and enjoyable! Our family members all have one in different colors and sizes.

I drink a ton of water, and as an athlete my go to has always been plastic Gatorade water bottles. I wanted to move away from plastic ethically and also to avoid any chemical leaching or plastic chipping for health reasons. It took me awhile, but this was the best choice I found online for metal water bottles. Definitely met expectations! Very clean and very aesthetic design. I worried about spillage from the open top lid but it’s very easy to drink from, and also fits easily in a cup holder. It’s definitely tall, but it’s not difficult to carry or transport, and a worthwhile trade off for cup holder diameter and good volume. Overall, great!

5 star review

No further comments necessary


I’ve had mine for over five years and it still looks basically new. Doesn’t stretch out of place, so credit cards won’t fall out over time. Extremely durable. Sometimes I wish it was a bit deeper to carry larger bills, but it’s a fantastic vegan product.

Awesome shirt!

The shirt has a strange cooling effect to it and is super soft! It also gave me a great opportunity to use it as a physical representation of industrial hemp!