We try our best to make you happy and appreciate all the feedback, good and bad! Here are reviews from Tree Tribe customers:

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Sunburst yellow and blaze leggings

Love my high waist leggings. The compression is great. The colors are vibrant and they do not slide down. The only con is they don’t have side pocket for my cell phone.

Fluorescent Mandala Leggings
Klaudia Gianformaggio
The best leggins ever

Wonderful colours, fix perfect! I love it!


Love everything about these cute camo shorts! Fits perfect and made really well!

Sandstone Sports Bra
Joan Tagle
Sandstone sports bra

This bra are an incredible super comfortable. It comes in so many fun colors design.

Sandstone yoga shorts

Love the print super cute! Length fit perfect on me. Highly recommended this.

Great quality

Love the design on the bottle, plus it’s nice and sturdy


Love my Tree Tribe stainless steel water bottle! Keeps my coffee hot all day. Easy to clean too

Value-for-money Lifetime Companion

The customer service I received is beyond amazing. Each time I made an enquiry about the delivery of my bottle, Frances went above and beyond to find out the status for me.

The bottle itself is lovely. I absolutely love the wooden top of the cap, it softens the whole “military” look of the bottle. I bought a 1L bottle expecting it to look as compact as my Camelbak bottle, so I was a tad disappointed that it is way bigger than that. However, I still love it for its large capacity and its ability to keep hot water hot and cold water cold. The larger size just makes it a perfect self- defense tool :)

I absolutely love the company’s mission to go green. The tree- planting and life-time warranty are huge factors in making me choose Tree Tribe over other brands. Not to mention the friendly prices that Tree Tribe offers and the eco-friendly materials they use.

My boyfriend went from being skeptical of my purchase to telling me how value-for-money my new bottle is when it finally arrived.

I hope this will be the last bottle that I will ever purchase <3

Exactly what I wanted

Love this bottle! It is exactly what I wanted & expected. Got two for myself & my husband to try to go plastic free and would definitely recommend.

Cherry Blossom Leggings
Priscilla Franklin

Great legging


Perfect water bottle. I work down in the southern US in Forestry. This bottle keeps my water cold all day long. Its very refreshing in the south Georgia heat.

First impressions

It's a pretty cool wallet. Does what it says on the tin. Only flaw is that the leaves are protected with a thin film of clear plastic, and in certain spots on my new wallet, the plastic is delaminating. It's brand new so we'll have to see if it lasts as long as real leather. But, functionally, I like it.

Blooming Star Yoga Shorts
Kim, @leapoffaith_yoga
Just in time for warm weather!

I have the Blooming Star shorts and matching bra, and I love this pattern! It is so fun and cheerful, perfect for summer. The shorts are a great fit... they cover everything you want and move so easily with you.

Blooming Star Sports Bra
Kim, @leapoffaith_yoga
I love this pattern!

I have the Blooming Star sports bra and matching shorts and just love them! The colors are so bright and vibrant and they're a great fit. So perfect to practice outside as we get into summer or in a hot yoga room.

Green Envy sports bra

I love about the product inspired by nature plus they’re super comfortable and comes in different colors and patterns option.

Green Envy yoga shorts are amazing.

I’m in love these shorts are amazing.The material is incredibly soft. They are super comfortable.The color is adorable.

Great look and fit

On the smaller side but very comfortable and looks good!

Brown Bamboo Sunglasses - Black Lens
Mark Desgrosseilliers
Great glasses

I love these glasses. I am rough on sunglasses, so tend to go through a pair or two a year, but not the sunglass's fault. These are comfortable and light. Perfect for the beach (and the drive there as well).

Awesome wallet!

I love these wallets. They are super slim and last me a long time. This is my second one. I didn't even think about getting a different brand.

Absolutely Gorgeous!

The moment I first saw Tree Tribes Leaf Leather products I instantly fell in love. It took me forever to finally decide between the turquoise or the purple (I'll probably end up with a purple wallet here shortly lol) so when the April earth month sale came around it made that choice for me (purple was out of stock LOL). I'm honestly SO happy with the color, quality, craftsmanship, and individuality this bag has. It's roomy enough to hold the essentials but still compact, lightweight, and easy to carry everywhere I go. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone looking for an eco-friendly bag!

Exotic Escape Sports Bra
Rebecca Gibson
No pads but no show thru!

Love the lightweight but compressive fabric. Small fits true to size! 34b and normally small tops.

Exotic Escape Yoga Shorts
Rebecca Gibson
Cute and comfy

I sized up to medium and I probably could have gone small but the extra wiggle room feels nice. I am 130 and 5'5" athletic build. Love the print!

Highly Recommend!

The design is simple, and the construction is sturdy. I accidentally dropped it at work on carpet after filling it up; the noise woke up the entire office but not a scratch on the bottle (and it didn't leak either)! I don't know how it'll fare on other surfaces, but I'm not worried about it because of the lifetime guarantee :) The bottle fits in the cupholder in my car, which is a plus. I wanted a bottle with a lid that was easy to clean (Nooks and crannies that I can't get into when washing is a deal breaker for me). This bottle delivers!

I'll probably stick with this brand

My first time using this brand and opted for the liter bottle because when I'm backpacking I carry Smart Water bottles and I wanted something re-usable that mimicked the size of those. I don't carry it on extended backpacking trips, but I do use it quite a bit on day hikes. The quality is top marks. My co-worker liked the bottle too, but for its acoustic effect instead of its hydrating properties. He had so much fun drumming and tapping on the thing that I'm planning on buying him one when these get back in stock. Mainly want him to use it for drinking more water, but hey, he really liked tapping on the thing and listening to it.

Cute waterbottle

Super cute and does well at keeping water cold. It fits ice cubes and holds a good amount!