We try our best to make you happy and appreciate all the feedback, good and bad! Here are reviews from Tree Tribe customers:

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Great water bottle

I like the size and how it keeps my cool water cool or cold water cold. I'll buy the attachment for easier access when its available. But for now, this works well for me.

Perfect size

This small wallet has just enough space to hold my everyday cards/cash. I don't carry a wallet so this works very well for me. And it looks like leather and is made from leaves. What could be more perfect!


It's perfect. I love it. Durable and hold my water like it should. 😊

Drink water

Will drink lots of water with my new bottle…🇮🇱

Envelope Clutch - Green
Honor Beecher
I love this

I have been using this wallet now for 2 years. I just ordered a new one because i have worn out the old one. The amazing thing is that the leaf material is still as perfect as ever! It’s gotten softer over time with daily use (which i love, when it’s news it’s a little stiff) and it’s still so lovely. (The snap is what’s gotten old)
I love this wallet!! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. And especially to tree huggers like me.

Orange Tribe Logo Water Bottle (20 oz)
Fun Color!

My fourteen year old son chose this bright orange/yellow water bottle. We recently budgeted some money for these water bottles for three of our children, having already purchased a stainless steel one for our oldest son. We are pleased with the quality of these bottles, and the planting of trees! Thank you for offering a great product and improving nature!

Beautiful Bottle

My little seven year old son picked this bottle out of all of the choices and it is so beautiful! He is so excited about his green elephant water bottle. I am happy for him to have one bottle that can be used for years to come and can be used for cold or hot drinks. We live in the country surrounded by trees, so the idea that Tree Tribe plants trees is so nice too! I feel like the price is a great price when considering I purchased a high quality water bottle and a tree! Thank you so much!

Super long lasting/high quality

I have had my leaf wallet for YEARS now and it's as beautifully colored, soft and sturdy as ever. really really happy that I got this

Lotus Hoodie
Great Products and Customer Service!

Ordered the new Lotus Hoodie for my wife. Have purchased several things from Tree Tribe and everything always has been great. Love their environmental focus, too! This time the wrong hoodie arrived but the customer service rep, Frances, was quick to get everything corrected and the right hoodie on its way to us. Very friendly and professional! Just a great company with great people and products!

Adventure Is Out There!

These bottles are perfect for traveling when you are going long distances without a source of water nearby. Or, when you’re in an area, say work, that requires protection from the environment. Or, to store whatever beverage you need on your trip wether the drink be from home or bought from a store. The 34oz. specifically is great for two people! It’s big enough that it won’t fit in most cup holders, but it can be placed where ever without the worry of spillage. The metallic taste is oddly barely present. The bottle being made of metal is good for places that do not allow glass. I come from using a Stanley for many years, and this bottle compares greatly! Better, in fact, due to how environmentally friendly it is on the inside and out.

Looks just like leather

I can't believe how sturdy this wallet is, it's absolutely beautiful and unique.

great water bottle

It was a gift to my grandson and he loves it.

Love it!

The design is wonderful and it keeps my water cold, just how I like it!

Exactly what we wanted

Sturdy, fun color, good size if you don't carry change. No bulky wallet in my husband's pocket!

Love it!

So far, so good! It is a little tight for space as I jammed a lot into it. I’m hoping it softens up some as it seems a little stiff right now.

Awesome wallet

Love the wallet, it's exactly as pictured, has space for everything I wanted to put in it, and is only slightly bigger than my last wallet.

Solid Vegan Wallet

I bought this wallet as a replacement for the leather wallet I bought before giving up meat/animal products, which lasted years. I am so far quite satisfied with the quality of the stitching, as well as the appearance. The "brown" color is a bit more red than I anticipated, but I actually prefer it to a dead, boring brown. The vasculature of the leaves gives it a distressed leather look from a distance, though mine has a gorgeous thicker stem going down one side that makes it super unique :). I like the look. The texture is smooth and soft, similar to animal leather.

The card pockets are certainly quite stiff and tight, though within a few days of regular use, the pockets holding my debit card and ID have already loosened up a bit. The other pockets are still a bit tight, but it seems to just need some time/use.

Durable and looks great

Love the wallet. Cards fit in and out easily, looks good enough to wear with a suit. Left it out in the rain by accident and it dried out quickly and doesn’t seem to have taken any damage! Very happy with my purchase

A bit tight but beautiful and very useful

The wallet is very pretty, for men or women (I got it for my husband). It seems durable, but we don't know yet. It is a bit tight to put all the cards, we are waiting to see how flexible it is, if it can exapnd a bit. But he managed to fit everything he needed. It is sucha a great alternative to leather, we are really happy to have it. I hope we can use more products lile that in the future.


As advertised! Keeps drinks cold. I filled it with my energy mix drink and ice cubes at 5 a. m. And I was still crunching ice at 3 p. m.!

Very Nice!

i really like my new wallet it's super cute & just the right size! nice & spacious. it is a bit stiff but u just have to break it in

Finally, enough water to drink

I like my big water bottle. At 34 ozs, it's literally drinking 4 glasses. Yay.

Nice bottle

It is a nice stainless steel bottle. I wanted to avoid anything plastic so I think it is good. Not as convenient to have to unscrew the top but I can live with that!
Only other thing was that I purposefully bought it from the Tree Tribe site so as to avoid Amazon but they sent it via Amazon anyways...

Gf loves it

Thick wallet. Feels nice. Has not fallen apart and is trendy. Got this as a gift for my gf and she loves it. One thing is that it doesn’t fit in her pocket but this is outweighed by basically everything else. Very satisfied w the purchase.

Love these!

Absolutely love the shorts and get so many compliments! They fit great and feel amazing. My favorite part though, is when people ask where I got them and I get to tell them about Tree Tribe. Made in America, earth friendly, and supportive of arts, trees, and community! Will definitely be buying more products from this company!