Tree Tribe is a community driven outdoor lifestyle brand that plants a tree on every sale.

*Update: Over 400,000 🌲🌲🌲 planted!

We focus on using eco friendly materials to create nature inspired apparel. And we're always looking for the next innovative eco-material to experiment with.

Tree Tribe core values are NATURE, ADVENTURE, TRAVEL, and COMMUNITY.

Together with our community, we are on a mission to plant millions of trees and make a huge positive impact on the world. So far we've planted over 400,000 trees in 12 countries! Check out our Tree Map to see where we plant.

We embrace an open-minded travel culture - Tree Tribe is a US based company but we're spread all over the planet... always looking for the next adventure and building a global Tribe to join our mission in helping the world.

Our goal is to spread positive energy and build a thriving community to inspire a greater connection with nature, while inspiring more businesses to give back to social causes.

🌲 +1 Tree 🌲

We partner with organizations that plant trees to naturally replenish the environment, while at the same time providing food, shelter, and economy to communities around the world.

Our main contribution goes to planting forest gardens - diverse plots of trees and supporting species that help communities self-sustain by producing food, resources, and income, while strengthening the local ecosystem.

Why Trees?

Trees are the lungs of the Earth, the key to a healthy planet, and major providers of resources to people and animals. Trees are also a symbol of health and were our original homes. We love trees so much we put it in the name! Show your love and hug a tree today! :)

🌎 One World 🌎

Our philosophy is that we're all 1 big extended family living in the same neighborhood - Earth. Beyond our mission to use eco friendly materials and plant more trees, we also want to connect people and spread positive energy... because we're all neighbors sharing the same air.

If you like the outdoors, appreciate nature, or just want to support our mission, join the Tribe and be a part of our community on Instagram or Facebook