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FREE SHIPPING on US Orders Over $50


Tree planting world map

Tree Tribe launched in 2015, and from day 1 it has been our commitment to create with eco friendly materials and plant 10 trees on EVERY sale. Our goal is to plant millions of trees all over the Earth!

🌲 Tree Planting Partners 🌲

Trees for the Future plants millions of trees

Trees for the Future has planted over 127 Million trees in their 25+ years of existence! They're experts in agroforestry, and were our first tree planting partner. Their focus is on the implementation of Forest Garden Programs in African countries. Any time you buy a pair of Bamboo Sunglasses or a T-Shirt from us, you're also planting 10 trees with them!

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects has planted over 125,000,000 trees, wow! They hire locals to help plant the trees, which is pretty cool. Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, and Ethiopa are where they do their planting. For every sale of our Wood Sunglasses or Beanies, we plant 10 trees through their organization.

CIRENAS plants trees in Costa Rica

CIRENAS is a small, non-profit organization located in Costa Rica. They don't just plant trees and build ecosystems, they're also a worldwide hub for education and have a full campus with lodging and classrooms to teach advanced methods of agroforestry and sustainable food growth. If you want to contribute to CIRENAS, grab one of our Eco Water Bottles. Every bottle sale, we donate 10 trees.

American Forests Organization

American Forests has been protecting and restoring forests for more than 140 years! We donate quarterly to American Forests to support projects like protecting/restoring threatened forest ecosystems, and promoting and expanding urban forests.

To learn more, check our tree planting blog posts.

If we haven't planted in your country yet, give us a shout! Every time we expand a new product line, we look for another organization to work with.