Leaf Leather Bifold Wallet - Brown

  • Eco friendly shirts Made from "Leaf Leather", a durable plant based material
  • Animal friendly leather alternative
  • Hand crafted - every piece is unique
  • Tree planted on every purchase


  • Bifold Wallet

    • 100% animal free, vegan friendly "non leather"
    • Handmade from real Teak leaves
    • Durable, won't tear, and waterproof
    • Unique leaf designs created by nature!
    • 6 card slots + 2 inside pockets + cash pocket that fits most currencies
    • Size: 3.7" x 4.3" x 0.4" (9.3cm x 11cm x 1cm)
  • What Is Leaf Leather?

    Tree Tribe Leaf Leather is better than leather - it's made from sustainably harvested Teak leaves that are colored and sealed with a non-toxic film to preserve nature's beauty.

    Our leaf leather is a durable leather alternative that is made from Teak leaves, cotton, and a thin laminate outer layer to seal and preserve the leaf, while making it waterproof and retaining the natural design.

    This material ages nicely, and actually gets more texture, kind of like getting "worn in."


    We put a lot of care into our Tree Tribe Leaf Leather accessories, which are handmade in Thailand. We spent time in Thailand working closely with a small creative shop to create our leaf leather line, producing accessories that are high quality, durable, and 100% unique.

    Tree Tribe is a global community, and we love the opportunity to work with artisans from all over the world. We believe in bringing the world closer together through art and ideas.

    Animal Friendly, Natural Vibe

    Tree Tribe Leaf Leather is created ethically and made without animal products.

    Our goal is to create cool eco friendly products that give off a natural vibe, and with "leaf leather" we're able to offer apparel that appeals to the nature minded, and people who love animals.

    Why Leaf Leather?

    We think leaf leather is the best leather alternative, because unlike standard "non leather", faux leather, or synthetic leather, we're able to use real leaves and permanently capture their natural energy.

    Every piece is unique too, so the designs in your Tree Tribe Leaf Leather gear are truly one of a kind.

    *Because each product is hand crafted from actual tree leaves, you get a unique piece of art that shows the beautiful variances of nature.


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    We're pretty flexible, we want you to be happy. If you're not stoked on your product, you can return within 30 days for a full refund.

    FREE RETURN SHIPPING in the USA - we'll provide you with a pre-paid shipping label.

    For international returns, we give a full refund and don't charge any restock fees, we just ask that you cover the shipping cost.


    We appreciate our planet and want to make a positive impact. We work with organizations around the world to plant a tree on every sale.

    Tree Tribe represents the Earth, nature, and spreading good vibes.

    Why trees? Because trees are awesome! They produce food and oxygen, revitalize the soil, clean the environment, provide homes for wildlife, and boost the overall health of the planet. On a local level, trees provide food, shelter, and economy to communities around the world.

    If you want to learn more, check out our Tree Map.

    If you're into the outdoors or just want to support planting trees, join our Tribe on Instagram @treetribevibe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Eli Parker
Solid Vegan Wallet

I bought this wallet as a replacement for the leather wallet I bought before giving up meat/animal products, which lasted years. I am so far quite satisfied with the quality of the stitching, as well as the appearance. The "brown" color is a bit more red than I anticipated, but I actually prefer it to a dead, boring brown. The vasculature of the leaves gives it a distressed leather look from a distance, though mine has a gorgeous thicker stem going down one side that makes it super unique :). I like the look. The texture is smooth and soft, similar to animal leather.

The card pockets are certainly quite stiff and tight, though within a few days of regular use, the pockets holding my debit card and ID have already loosened up a bit. The other pockets are still a bit tight, but it seems to just need some time/use.

David Garcia

Light weight smart looking compact

More durable than you think!

I've had my leaf leather wallet for two years now! Decided to replace it because the corners have started to wear from everyday use which is to be expected. However all the seams, flat pieces, and card slots have held up great. I'd bet I could get at least another year out of it. In fact I might continue to use it and will update how long it lasts!

Great quality!

Got this for my husband for Christmas bc he just couldnt let go of his old leather wallet that was falling apart, but he didnt wants to purchase animal based leather again, but wasnt a fan of cloth wallets. He was more than impressed and it has held up wonderfully!

Kara Cyzman
Perfect so far!

Got this for my husband for his birthday. I was nervous as he's very particular with the style of certain things so ordering online can be risky. He loooooves it! He wanted something slim, and not too many conscientious options out there with vegan apparel (that we can afford anyway). This is pricier then I usually spend on items like this but definitely so worth it! Hoping you guys start making belts! :)