Marketing Application

Hi I'm Joe from Tree Tribe, nice to meet you.

We're looking to hire a freelance marketer to help grow traffic and spread the word on our brand.

About Tree Tribe

  • We create consciously and focus on eco friendly materials
  • We plant a tree on every sale
  • Our target customer vibes with our mission, is generally into nature and hiking, and shares our values (nature, adventure, travel, community)
  • We're a US based company, but everyone works remotely

Our Instagram @treetribevibe will give a feel for our community.

About the gig

We have some marketing systems in place: we're active on Instagram, we do some email marketing, and PPC with FB and Google Ads does pretty well.

We're looking for a go-to marketing person to take the lead on marketing efforts, run experiments, and generate ideas for new campaigns.

We're all about ROI. If you can generate a positive ROI, the sky is the limit on this gig.

We'll likely start in 1 area of focus (depending on your skillset), then if we work well together we can expand tasks and up the rate.


Most of our customers are in the US, so the ideal person is either from the US or has good experience marketing to US customers.

Please share examples of marketing campaigns you've ran for ecommerce sites, and the results (case studies are great, but even just explanations and how you increased traffic/sales will be helpful).

That's really it on requirements. We're pretty easy to work with - we just look for A players that deliver tangible results.


If this sounds interesting to you, please fill out the application below. We'll review these over the next few days and get back if you look like a good fit.

Thanks for checking us out!