Plantable Seed Cards

Hey! What do you think about our new seed cards!?

We thought these were super cool, and a nice way to spread some positive vibes :)

Plants are awesome, and bees are awesome! These cards will sprout wildflowers. Wildflowers help out bees, and with so many farmers using pesticides these days, the bee population is taking a beating :(

Bees are essential to life on this planet... that's why bees are awesome!

So drop your card in the ground, or a pot, and grow some beautiful flowers!

Here's how:

1) Place the card under about an inch of soil.

2) Pour some water on it

3) Boom! Watch it sprout

We'd love to see your plant progress - when you get some flowers sprouted, post on Instagram and tag us with #treetribe... also might as well tag #savethebees :D