Galaxy Yoga Shorts

🤩 You are sure to be starry-eyed when you put on a pair of these oh-so-cozy summer shorts. With numerous cosmic designs that are out of this world, our galaxy-inspired shorts will make you feel like you are elevated to another planet. 💫

Made from the same comfy material as our famous leggings, the multi-panel construction and flat lock stitching create excellent structure and support while remaining soft and flexible, allowing you to move with freedom and ease.

Handmade in the USA with moisture-wicking, upcycled material, these eco fashion athletic wear pieces are available in regular and high waist.

Pair with the matching sports bra and experience the infinite possibilities in this intergalactic outfit.

🌲 Side bonus: we plant a tree for every sale. Float on cloud 9 with this ethical, earth-friendly clothing choice!