Nature Leggings

Get back to your roots 🌱 in one of our nature-inspired legging designs. Get fired up with lava, cooled down with ice and snow, fly high with some ganja, or down and centered with amethyst or crystalline.

Offerings representations of each of the five elements, you can harness any power of the universe as you go about your day in these earth-friendly eco design tights.

Handmade with 💚 in the USA, these full length activewear pants are like a second skin, allowing you to move as freely as Mother Earth.

Available in regular or high-waist cut, there is a perfect pair to flatter every body. Crafted with moisture-wicking, upcycled material, these slow fashion leggings will have you feeling wonderful for many years to come.

See your practice grow in one of these perfect accent pieces that will truly elevate your wardrobe and your spirits. After all, we also plant a tree with every sale too! 🌲

Feel the power of Pachamama with this ethical, eco-friendly clothing choice!

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