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Why Plant Trees? Because Trees Are Awesome!

May 21, 2016

The core of Tree Tribe's mission is to improve the quality of health and life on the planet, this is why we plant 10 trees on every sale, and have grand plans for for the future!

But why did we choose to plant trees, and why do we love trees so much?

Trees are a symbol of health of happiness, check out their powers:


  • Trees provide a natural calm and sense of peace, they help you relax.
  • Green is a calming color. Maybe we just like green, or maybe it's calming because it's in our DNA to feel relaxed by the presence of trees, which have provided for us since the beginning of our existence.
  • Natural filters - Oxygen is produced, harmful gases are absorbed.
  • Trees improve water quality. Nice!


  • Trees create food/resources to sell, materials for crafts, and jobs for workers.
  • Planting forest gardens can bring entire communities out of poverty!

Trees are really cool!

  • Seriously, just look at the beauty and intricate details of a tree next time you pass one. Spend a few meditative minutes with that tree.
  • Like people, every tree is unique. No two trees are exactly the same, they are living, breathing organisms that grow and react to their environment.


  • Trees reduce violence. Bringing more trees into a neighborhood improves sense of community and reduces crime.
  • Trees live through generations of families and friends. Planting trees creates legacies.
  • Hanging out amongst trees is great! Just ask any park :)

Trees are Providers

  • Trees provide food, fuel, and resources to local communities.
  • Give shade on hot days for people and animals.
  • Promote biodiversity and homes for birds and other organisms.

Good for the Earth

  • Trees strengthen and improve quality of soil, and prevent erosion.
  • Think of the world as a massive ecosystem - Planting trees anywhere in the world improves the overall health of the world, and the action inspires positive thinking.
  • More trees planted = fewer net trees lost from harvesting. We need to keep adding as many trees to the planet as possible!
  • Trees feed on sun, soil, and water. Planting trees native to an area requires zero additional resources

So thank a tree today, or just kick back next to one and relax, they like that :)

Author: Joe

Joe's into outdoor adventures, hiking, living in random countries, and having fun. He's on a mission to make a positive impact on the world and live in harmony with the Earth.

Favorite nature spot: "Any forest, probably Big Sur in California"