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Author: Lydia

January 08, 2021

Today is a day of celebration! 🎉

As you know, here at Tree Tribe we're pretty wild about a few things: adventure, travel, community, and nature. We take a lot of pride in creating products that do good in the world and we seal the deal with a commitment to planting a tree with every single sale. 🌲 We make the latter happen through several partnerships, one of which is with Trees for the Future

Why are we celebrating today? Well, Trees for the Future just announced that together with their brand partners (like us!) they have officially planted 200 million trees around the world! WOW. This is such a major gift to Mother Earth and a massive goal to have met. One of the best parts? YOU helped make this happen. 😎

“We are ecstatic to reach this milestone, it’s a memorable step in our mission to create a more sustainable food system while planting trees,” says Executive Director John Leary. “We could not have done this without the hardwork and determination of the farmers we serve, the talent and dedication of our global staff, and the unending generosity of our partners and supporters, like Tree Tribe."

There's a lot that goes into their tree-planting plan. The 200 million trees are planted in more than 50 countries and they’re all part of thoughtful agroforestry systems. More than 76 million of the trees are part of what Trees for the Future calls Forest Gardens, strategically planted and diverse farms consisting of thousands of trees and dozens of plant and food species.

Executive Director John Leary goes on to say:“the important and unique thing about these 200 million trees is that they’re here to stay because they were planted with the climate and landowner in mind. These trees will continue providing food or resources to these farmers for years to come and, at the same time, they’re restoring our environment by bringing back biodiversity, channeling water into the ground, improving soil fertility, and continually storing carbon in the soil.”

They're not just planting trees, they're changing lives.  “TREES, through its Forest Garden Approach has added new varieties of trees, vegetables, food and nutrition base to my family,” says Tanzanian farmer Salma Mussa. “This program is good and will keep sustaining my family forever.” (Read Salma’s story here.)

This year, Trees for the Future will celebrate its 32nd anniversary and is working on expanding into more countries in the coming months. Tree Tribe is insanely proud to be partnered with such a mindful and impactful organization and we look forward to making an even greater difference with you in 2021!

Learn more about the work of Trees for the Future at Kickstart the next 100 million with us with your next purchase! 

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Trees for the Future is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that is ending poverty and improving the environment by teaching farmers how to grow food more sustainably. 

Author: Lydia

Brand Development Manager, Product Designer

Lydia has a deep passion for traveling and exploring the world. When she’s not working on her next project or adventuring, you can find her reading, working out, and spending time with her inner circle.

Favorite nature spot: Tela, Honduras

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