November 07, 2015

Tree Tribe is a lifestyle brand with a passion to help the Earth, while making cool natural styles. Trees are the foundation to a healthy planet, so we plant 10 trees on every sale through non-profit organizations.

On a larger scale, Tree Tribe is an idea, a community, and a Tribe in the truest sense. We all live on this amazing planet together, and through the power of the Tribe, we can improve the quality of life of the entire world.

Tree Tribe Core Values:

  • Natural Style

    We make products with natural materials and a focus on sustainability. We love natural style in every sense, whether it's the materials you wear, the plants in your home, or the foods you eat.

  • Adventure

    Tree Tribe represents the active outdoor lifestyle and sense of adventure. Traveling is a big part of our ethos, as traveling allows you to open your mind to other cultures and experience the natural beauty of the Earth from different angles.

  • Community

    Our tree planting efforts help communities around the world, on both a local and global level. We encourage helping others and giving back to the community to create harmony in the world.

  • Earth

    The Earth is our home. We're all citizens of Earth, and it's our duty to respect our home and maintain a healthy, happy planet.

Our goal is to continue creating natural, sustainable fashion, while giving back to the Earth and growing a community of like minded people.

Join the Tribe and help save the world!

Author: Joe

Joe's into outdoor adventures, hiking, traveling, and having fun. He's on a mission to make a positive impact on the world and live in harmony with the Earth.

Favorite nature spot: "Any forest, probably Big Sur in California"

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