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April 02, 2019

Jordan Fowler is an English Videographer and Photographer. He is inspired by nature and shares his passion for conservation through art. Learn about how he uses his creative eye to tell stories through motion, including this fantastic video he made of our blue stainless steel eco bottle!



Tell us a bit about who you are as a person. What drives you? What makes you tick?


My name is Jordan Fowler, I am 20 years old and live in the beautiful countryside of Somerset, in the south of the UK. I am a very driven and outgoing individual in every aspect of life and like to think that I never back down from a challenge.

My passions, family and friends are what drive me in life to become the best version of myself that I can be, whether that’s through my love for filmmaking, sport or just everyday tasks, I always like to throw 100% at it. I’m definitely not the sort of person that can just sit still and do nothing, I’m always on the go and like to keep myself busy as I find I am a lot more productive when I’m not sat still letting my mind wander!


Jordan Fowler in his natural habitat


Tell us about your relationship with nature, and protecting the environment.


Living where I do, in a small village deep inside the British countryside, I am surrounded by nature and fantastic landscapes everywhere you look.

As I have grown up in this environment I have seen a lot of changes to local areas such as small scale deforestation to make way for housing developments and roads etc. While these actions benefit the community, they are also having harmful effects on the environment and the wildlife that habit within it.


A Tree That Once Was


My interest and concern for environmental conservation has only increased through reading studies and watching documentaries such as BBC Plant Earth with David Attenborough, where you can see on a global scale the negative effects we as a species are causing on the world and the animals within it, through plastic waste disposal, deforestation, overuse of fossil fuels and much more.

It is an ever growing passion of mine to help protect the environment where possible. However I am, as we all are at times, guilty of purchasing items with an abundance of plastic packaging and driving fuel thirsty cars.

But there are small, simple, everyday things that we can all change in our lives that all help towards protecting the environment such as, reusing shopping bags to cut down on plastic, lining the bin with old newspaper rather than a plastic bag, walking or cycling when possible and using reusable drinks containers instead of plastic bottles.

This is how my connection with Tree Tribe started, when searching online for a reusable drinks container, I stumbled across Tree Tribe, who’s fantastic eco bottles not only look great but are also made with food grade stainless steel, meaning no plastics in sight, not only that but for every purchase made they plant a tree helping to replenish the environment!




How did you get into videography? What do you love about it?


My love for videography somewhat evolved over the years from photography, I got my first camera 6 years ago and with no real clue what I was doing, I would go out and photograph the beautiful landscapes in my surrounding area.

My passion for media capture quickly grew and led to me down the road of videography. Although I still love to take photographs, I feel videography allows me to capture entire moments, emotions and atmospheres exactly how they happened. I find that videography really allows me to express my creative side and tell a story in a way that can also be enjoyed by others, whether it be a travel, wedding or promotional video.



How do you feel art and nature are intertwined?


I feel that many forms of art can most definitely be linked to nature in one way or another, this can be something as simple as the environment being used to inspire the artist, whether that be for a photographer, videographer, a painting/ drawing  or even music.

In terms of videography, nature and wildlife are among some of the most interesting themes to film and allow you to travel and see some of the most amazing sights this world has to offer. By capturing nature you are also able to transport the viewer and immerse them in beautiful landscapes, wildlife and natural events from the comfort of their own home.

I believe that forms of art are also able to support nature in various ways. By artists creating their work of natural environments it makes people think twice about the world that we live in and gives them access to things which they would not ordinarily see, the wider the audience that see work within nature and the effects we are having on the environment, it can make them more aware and hopefully inspire them to help protect the environment and wildlife within it.



I encourage anyone to get out and explore natural environments whether you are a form of artist or not, to make small environmentally friendly changes to your everyday lives, to encourage others around you to do the same and to support businesses such as Tree Tribe who make caring for nature one of their top priorities!

And maybe together we can preserve this beautiful world which we have been given…



See Jordan Fowler's work at and on Instagram @jfowler_videography




Author: Kristine

Community Manager

I'm obsessed with outdoor adventures. When I'm not out hiking, you can probably find me up in an alpine lake on my paddleboard, trail running over mountain peaks, or shredding the slopes on my snowboard.

Favourite nature spot: Howe Sound, British Columbia

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