Epic Adventure: Corry Bondini – Hiking Around North America

May 27, 2018

Allow us to introduce you to Corry Bondini, a Canadian hiker, skier and camper who just can't stay away from the mountains! She shares her favorite hikes with us as well as her inspiration and what gear she always packs in her bags!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am Corry, an outdoor enthusiast living in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. I have been hiking since I could walk and I have been so lucky to have lived in such a gorgeous country my whole life. I spend my weekends hiking, camping, skiing and living life to the fullest!

1. When did you discover your love for the outdoors?

I am super lucky because my parents are some of the most active and outdoorsy people that I know. I grew up with weekly trips to the mountains to go hiking or skiing which means that I have been comfortable in the outdoors for a very long time. Of course, I went through a typical teenage phase of hating the outdoors and hiking but luckily, I grew out of that and now I love it more than ever.

2. What are your top 3 favorite hikes you’ve ever done?

    Solo female mountain hiking

    I have done so many amazing hikes, it is hard to choose just 3!
    If I had to choose 3 they would be:

    • Bow Peak in Banff National Park 
    • Yak Peak in Coquihalla Recreation Area
    • The Rockwall Trail in Kootenay National Park 

    3. Have you ever had any crazy experiences while hiking or camping?

      I have been very lucky that I haven't really been put in any dangerous situations while hiking. There was one time though that I was camping in Whistler, it was dark out and we were making dinner and all of a sudden there was a bear right next to us! We quickly hopped into our car until someone from the camp came to get the bear away. The sad part is that the reason this bear came so close to us was because our neighbors had left food in their tent (don't do this!).  

      4. What is it about hiking that you love so much?

        Sunrise Moraine Lake Alberta Canada

        Hiking is such an amazing way to get away from technology and all of the distractions that are in our world now a day. When I am out hiking I seem to forget about everything else going on and really focus on the moment. It is an amazing feeling!

        5. If you could transport yourself anywhere in the world for an epic adventure, where would you go and what would you be doing?

          Hands down I would go to Peru! I have been dreaming of going there for years. The hiking there looks so incredible.

          6. What are a few pieces of gear you always bring on your adventures?

            Layers (the weather can ALWAYS change), lots of water, food, a first aid kit and my camera of course!

            7. What is your favorite part of blogging and sharing your journey on Instagram?

              Female solo hiking mountains

              I really love encouraging others to get outdoors in an ethical way. I think so many people want to get outdoors and go hiking and camping but don't really know where to start. I love being a resource for people who have questions regarding anything outdoors!

              8. What advice would you give someone who wants to get outdoors more, but doesn’t know where to start?

                The seven Leave No Trace (LNT) are a really important place to start. They teach you how to be safe and ethical in the outdoors. Anyone who is wanting to get outdoors more should read these first and foremost! 

                9. Who or what inspires you?

                  Female solo hiking mountains

                  My parents truly inspire me so much. They are retired now and they spend so much time hiking and exploring. They are currently doing a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon and later in the summer they are heading to Italy to go hiking. 

                  10. What adventures do you have planned for the summer?

                    I have two trips planned this summer. I will be going to Utah for a bunch of hiking, and later in the summer I will be heading to the North Cascades to tackle some peaks. I have tons of camping and weekend hiking trips planned too!

                    Where can we follow your journey?

                    You can find hiking stories and tips at Hiking Corry and you can follow along on Instagram for some seriously inspiring pictures! 

                    Author: Katie

                    Katie loves hiking, camping, snowboarding, scuba, and just about anything that allows her to be outside.

                    She's also a fan of coffee, travel, good books and deep conversations. She is trying to live with less while experiencing more.

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