Exploring the Wonders of Nepal

October 22, 2016

When you think about Nepal, you undoubtedly think of Everest - the tallest mountain range in the world. Did you know that Nepal is also home to some of the most beautiful villages, lakes, and mountain summits in the world?

Tree Tribe Ambassador Sarah Murrell recently left North America for the first time to travel to Nepal; visiting in the fresh monsoon season so she could paint rustic villages and magnificent mountain views.

Seeing Kathmandu for the first time was an eye-opening experience for Sarah; full of colourful buildings, busy markets, and animals roaming the streets.

"Nepal - your people, culture, food and landscape have completely stolen my heart. I can't beat this overwhelming feeling of utter joy and appreciation for being in this amazing country." - Sarah

If you make it to Nepal, exploring the villages situated 5+ hours drive from the city of Kathmandu, visiting the temples and monasteries, and getting immersed in nature are experiences not to be missed.

"Before the trip, I had this idea that I was going to Nepal for the mountains. All I could think of was snow capped peaks and ranges that went for as far as the eye could see. I would have never imagined it becoming more about the people and the experiences I had with them than being there for the mountains."

Sarah's got an awesome Instagram! Keep up with her adventures here:
Instagram @mountaindarlin
Website: mountaindarlin.com

Author: Sage

Sage is a passionate natural health advocate and nature lover, you'll find her at the beach most days with a bottle of Kombucha.

Mission: to live a life of happiness whilst creating minimal harm and damage, and make the world a better place for our future people.

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