Introducing Tree Tribe Yoga Pants

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Author: Joe

April 16, 2018

We're all about living a healthy lifestyle and have been wanting to get into active wear for awhile now.

We also want to make high quality, responsibly produced, and awesome gear. Well now we have it!

Introducing the Tree Tribe Yoga Pants:

  • High quality fabric made from recycled polyester
  • Moisture wicking active wear - Great for yoga, hiking, working out and hanging out
  • Sublimation infused printing for high res graphics
  • Hand crafted with love in the USA
  • Tree Planted on Every Purchase

They're soft and comfortable, the high resolution all-over-printing has great detail, and we have both high waist and natural waist options.

You can check out our full lineup and nature inspired designs here:

Yoga Pants

Quality and Performance

Our leggings are made in the USA from people that are passionate about high quality. From the material to the flat lock stitching, to the high res printing, the attention to detail makes for premium clothing that performs well and lasts for years.

Moisture wicking fabric and a comfortable fit make these a great pair of leggings for any activity. 5 panel construction means you get ultimate comfort and flexibility.

yoga pants for outdoor activities

High Resolution Nature Inspired Designs

We use a technique called Sublimation dye printing, or "all over printing" to produce crazy detailed designs on the entire fabric. It's a newer type of printing style that allows high resolution graphics to be fused to the material.

This makes for some sweet benefits:

  • Graphics will never fade because they are fused into the fabric
  • There is no extra texture, peeling, or cracking because of the sublimated fusion of design with material
  • We can print super high resolution, image quality graphics into clothing

Synthetic Material vs Natural Material

We always go for natural when possible, and this is our long term goal for these, but we haven't yet found a viable natural material that can 1) compete with synthetic material performance in the category of active wear and 2) use the high resolution sublimation dye printing style that people are loving right now.

We have the next best thing though - Our Yoga Pants are made from recycled plastic, mostly post consumer plastic bottles. This technology is great - we're able to make high performance athletic wear while also contributing to the recycling industry.

Creating products with recycled materials rather than virgin materials helps out in a couple ways:

  • Contributes to the recycling industry, which adds monetary value and incentivizes more clean up and recycling
  • By reusing, you avoid introducing more new plastic in the system
  • Increasing the market for recycled materials, which keeps them out of landfills

Long Term Goals

We want to be as sustainable as possible, so our long term goals are finding a natural material that matches synthetic in terms of performance and durability.

We noticed that most yoga pants and active wear in general were made from virgin polyester, so we saw an opportunity to get started by helping to move the needle forward by using and promoting recycled materials. We also focus on high quality material and stitching, so that our yoga pants are more durable and longer lasting.

Recycling Program

We're a small company, but we are ambitious about finding ways to help the fashion industry integrate better with the Earth.

We're working on a program to accept any of our used products and recycle them. We're currently looking for partners that work with recycled clothing so that we can complete the chain full circle. If you have any ideas or connections hit us up.

Tribe Hookup

Hey you read the whole article, nice! Here's a 15% off discount code if you want to grab a pair of Tree Tribe Yoga Pants today: YP-BLOG

Author: Joe


I'm into outdoor adventures, hiking, traveling, and having fun 😃 My goal is to make a positive impact on the world and live in harmony with the Earth.

Favorite nature spot: Any forest, probably Big Sur California

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