It's Here: March Clothing Launch! πŸ€


Author: Lydia

March 01, 2021

We look for reasons to do happy dances here at Tree Tribe. πŸ˜ƒ Today we're celebrating a new month, the idea that warmer weather is around the corner, AND these sweet threads that just launched on the website! Read on (look for my gift at the end of this post!) πŸ‘‡

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The top of this post showcases one of my favorite t-shirt designs this month - if you're looking for it, find it here! There are 7 more where that came from and you'll find them in both fitted women's and relaxed men's styles. Check out the featured men's shirt, Activity πŸ‘‡

You can never have too many leggings - and you can't change my mind. This month's activewear sets are too good to pass up! These two are my absolute favorite, Dawn and Sunny Escape. ICYMI: you'll find this design in matching yoga shorts, leggings, sports bras, and a face mask! 😍
As always, I can't help but remind you that your purchase with us doesn't just equal BA threads for your wardrobe. We're on a mission to better the planet and we're planting a tree with every single sale. 🌲
I didn't forget the gift! Take 20% off your entire clothing order through Saturday with code MARCH2021! Order your favorite designs, snap a wicked selfie and tag us (@treetribevibe) on social media - you may just see your picture featured on our feed!Β 
Author: Lydia

Brand Development Manager, Product Designer

Lydia has a deep passion for traveling and exploring the world. When she’s not working on her next project or adventuring, you can find her reading, working out, and spending time with her inner circle.

Favorite nature spot: Tela, Honduras

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