August 31, 2016

We here at Tree Tribe are big fans of trees. It seems like the list of benefits they provide for the world is endless - one of the biggest being that they produce food! Some of the most delicious things this world has to offer are grown naturally from trees and we want to highlight some of our favorites.

This week we’re going to take a look at a lesser known fruit but one of our fav's - the jackfruit! Have you ever seen this cute little fruit in any of your travels or your local store?

fresh orange jackfruit ready to eat

No? then perhaps you've seen what it looks like before the sweet goodies have been taken out.

Jackfruit growing on a tree

Jackfruit is grown from a tree that can be found in the worlds lowland tropics. While it’s popularity hasn’t quite caught on in Europe and North America, many countries have this fruit as a staple in their diet. It’s sweet taste and smooth texture are pretty addictive, and if you have ever tried it chances are you’ll be trying to find more of it soon.

Jackfruit is also a nutritional powerhouse for Vitamin B6 which aids in brain function and regulates your mood and body clock. It also contains around 25% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, and about 10% for potassium so you can feel great about getting this awesome fruit in your diet.

Besides providing fruit that tastes great and is good for you, jackfruit trees are also a great source of wood and lumber. It’s soft wood has a golden color that makes it a favorite for furniture and musical instruments where the beauty of the wood can be displayed.

So next time you are traveling to the tropics, or maybe your local grocery store, don’t be intimidated by the giant, spike-covered monster that looks like it just ate a watermelon. Inside is some of the tastiest fruit from one great tree.

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