Why Plant Trees?

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Author: Sage

December 05, 2016

Tree Tribe launched in the summer of 2015, and from day 1 it has been our commitment to create with eco friendly materials and plant 10 trees on EVERY sale. Our goal is to plant millions of trees all over the Earth!

Why is it so important to plant more trees?

Trees may save our environment

Global warming is a very real and very scary issue that looms over us and threatens to harm our future generations. Every little change counts... which means that every single tree counts. As they grow, trees ABSORB carbon dioxide. On top of that the carbon that they store in their wood helps to slow down global warming.

Trees provide a home to our fellow creatures

We are not the only animals living on Earth, and for many, trees are their one and only home. There are some trees that can house nearly 500 different species! Trees provide habitation and food to wide arrays of birds, insects, lichen and fungi. Even trees that provide less food sources will still be essential shelter for some species such as bats and owls.

Trees provide economic opportunities for many communities

Most of our planting campaigns specifically deal with planting our trees in the communities that really need them. Why? It provides them an opportunity to THRIVE! Check out the image above - that is our tree planting map! Trees provide food, fuel, jobs, materials for craft, shelter, wood, shade, clean water, oxygen, and a source of income for many.

One of our tree planting partners, Trees for the Future, focuses on helping people in the developing world, primarily in Africa. Their focus is on the implementation of Forest Garden Programs in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania, where they can have the biggest impact and produce amazing results.

If you think trees are important too, check out our partners to learn more:

Trees for the Future
Eden Reforestation Projects
American Forests
Author: Sage


Sage is a passionate natural health advocate and nature lover, you'll find her at the beach most days with a bottle of Kombucha.

Mission: to live a life of happiness whilst creating minimal harm and damage, and make the world a better place for our future people.

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