It's Strawless September and We're Making it Easy!

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Author: Lydia

September 04, 2020

We can’t believe that September is already here! Not only does this month bring fall leaves and cooler temperatures (depending on where you are, of course) it also brings one of our favorite challenges - the Strawless September Challenge, where you ditch the plastic straws all month long!

...But what's this challenge all about?

The Problem.

Now we all know that single use plastic is a problem (can I get an amen?). Did you know that a big chunk of the plastic problem comes from plastic straws? Yep! In fact, it’s estimated that in the United States alone we use 500 million plastic straws...per day. These straws end up in our landfills, oceans, and seriously harm wildlife. With up to 8.3 billion plastic straws polluting our beaches worldwide, something has to be done. Enter, Strawless September.

The Strawless September Challenge.

You may be getting dejavu reading this, as the idea behind the challenge is very similar to Plastic Free July (check out our blog on that here). This month specifically focuses on one small aspect of our plastic consumption though - and easy is, well, easier.

So, we’re challenging you to take the challenge with us and ditch plastic straws for the month of September - and hopefully a whole lot longer. ✌️

We’re making it easy!

We know you’re probably thinking about how you love using straws - cocktails, iced coffee, who doesn’t enjoy straws? The good news is that there’s an easy way to ditch the plastic and still enjoy your smoothies with a straw and avoid blended spinach from getting all over your face… our brand new line of eco-friendly and reusable straws! That’s right! We’re making this easy for you. 

order your pack of reusable straws here

We just launched a line of bamboo, stainless steel, and glass straws for you! Each straw is eco-friendly, either recyclable or biodegradable, easy to clean, and perfect for everything from your iced coffee to your thick smoothie. Our variety packs (stainless steel and glass) offer several straw options and sizes to fit every need. 

These straws not only put a dent in the plastic problem but they give back to Mother Earth as we are planting a tree with every single sale! 🌲

order your pack of reusable straws here

P.S. for the entire month of September we’re giving you 10% off your straw order with code STRAWLESS.

Author: Lydia

Brand Development Manager, Product Designer

Lydia has a deep passion for traveling and exploring the world. When she’s not working on her next project or adventuring, you can find her reading, working out, and spending time with her inner circle.

Favorite nature spot: Tela, Honduras

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